Harkland Talks About Their Upcoming Album

Growing up on the 90’s Alternative bands such as Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, etc., there’s certainly a level of influence based on that style of music, but we ultimately plan on releasing an album that blends the Alternative, Folk, and Rock genres.  Our main goal is to have the audience feel and relate to the music and the message we’re portraying in our music.  Every element that we enjoy in the music we listen to is incorporated into the songs we’ve been writing.

Some of our biggest influences currently are the band NEEDTOBREATHE out of South Carolina and an artist by the name of Sam Hunt from Georgia.  We love how moody the music is and how soulful the lyrics are.  Both artists are phenomenal writers and that’s one element that we love to capture in our own sounds and creations.

We’ll be releasing singles off of our first untitled album by Summer of 2015 and plan on releasing our first EP by Spring.

Harkland: The story behind the name

Harkland is the name created by main vocalist / songwriter Paulie Knakk in early 2014 days before the band released their first demo.  Prior to the name Harkland, the band went through many different name changes.  Paulie explains,

“At the time, all of the members were from varying genres and musical backgrounds so Harkland made sense.  I’ve always had a problem with using my name in my band name..I’ve always wanted to be part of a group.  We were originally going to name the band “Parkland” which is the name of a town nearby.  Rolling with the name Parkland would have given us some attachment to our hometown roots, but being that the word “hark” means “to listen” it made much more sense and made it that much more unique.  I like to think that Harkland means “land of the listeners”..Everyone is part of the land of the listeners.”

Harkland Teams Up with Producer Drew Raison

Paulie explains, “When I first started performing around 2009 I was given the lucky opportunity to meet a producer by the name of Drew Raison after he offered that I take a trip down to Springfield, PA and take a tour of his studio Big Sky Audio.  Raison has been involved with acts ranging from Semisonic to Three Doors Down to La Bouche to Anthrax.  I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I opened the door to the studio and saw all of the records hanging on the walls as I walked up the initial set of stairs.  At this point I had never been in a studio before and my mind was blown.  It was an incredible experience that changed my life and showed me that if I worked hard, I could work with this man on my own music.  Throughout the years I continued to write and perform, keeping contact with Drew, and this year I asked him if he would be interested in producing my music.”

Approximately 5 years after meeting, Harkland will officially be heading into the studio to begin working together with Drew on our first EP.